Summer skincare tips

6 Effective Summer Skin Care Tips for All Skin Types

“The Best Foundation You Can Wear is Healthy, Glowing Skin”

Summer brings a lot of problems to your skin. The pollution, heat, humidity and all such things can wipe off the glow from your skin. I have been facing such issues since childhood, and so I can guess you must be having the same concern. Here I am sharing six super easy tips for summer skincare which are effective for all kind of skin.  

I think that having a little change in daily skincare routine can help a lot. I will tell you how you are going to do it. Trust me you don’t need to hurt your pocket for this summer skincare at all. 

Without many add-ons, let’s jump to the topic. It’s nothing but segregation of your daily skincare routine perfect for summers.   

6 Best Skin Care Tips for Summer

1 Exfoliate Your Body

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is the key for glowing skin. Exfoliation is the first step of your skincare routine in summers. To get rid of the dull and patchy skin, you should take extra care of your exfoliation process during the summer. DIY body scrubs are best for this. 

There are so many natural body scrubs you can use like Coffee scrub, sea salt body scrub, Honey and sugar body scrub. These will help you to get flawless glowing skin in summer. One thing you should keep in mind that exfoliation is for the entire body, not only for the face.

2 Change the Face Wash

Face wash in summers

It’s essential to consider a change when it comes to face wash. In winters where a nourishing face wash works, in summers you should use a face wash that can remove excess oil from your face without harming it. If you have dry skin, a non-foaming face cleanser can be a good option for you.

 For oily skin, you can use gel-based, and oil control face cleaners available in the market at very reasonable prices. Clean your face with light and chemical-free cleanser multiple times to get a fresh skin.  

3 Moisturising Tips for Summers

Moisturise your skin

“Give a Girl The Right Moisturiser and She Can Conquer Anything” 

Time to get over this myth that your body does not need a moisturizer during summers. Spending whole time in an air-conditioned area and moving out for a sunny place can cause you dry and tan skin. 

For oily skin, you should try to use double purpose moisturizers. A lightweight moisturizer with sunscreen can be the best option in summer. 

Thick moisturizer can lead to closed pores or acne if you have oily skin. So it’s better to choose a lightweight moisturizer for summers. 

4 Go for Minimal Makeup

Minimal Makeup for Summer

“I believe all women are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful”

Do you cover your body by putting on an extra coat in summer? No, you are right then why using an extra layer of heavy makeup in sweaty weather. Minimal makeup is best for summer.

Using an oil-free moisturizer followed by a sunscreen would be a great option to kick start your day. Flaunt your glossy gold eyes with a hot pink lip gloss. Select the light smokey eyes along with the winged eyeliners. 

The thing to keep in mind while selecting your cosmetics for summer is to try buying waterproof makeup products. 

5 Keep Hydrated Your Skin During Summer

Hydrated skin tips in summers

The golden rule for glowing skin is to keep yourself hydrated. Consuming water is not the only way to get hydrated yourself. To hydrate your body, you will have to follow some essential steps carefully.

Cleansing your skin with a chemical-free cleanser followed by proper nourishment. Using homemade face packs and body scrubs are the best options to get smoother and hydrated skin in summer. 

Drink the perfect amount of water and consume other healthy drinks to prevent the dehydration. Consuming the fruit juice and smoothies can help you better in this.

6 SPF Guide for Summer

SPF for summers

There are some crucial things you should keep in mind while applying sunscreen. Selecting an SPF is as important as using it to your skin. There are sunscreens available in the market from SPF 15 to SPF 50.

 Most dermatologists suggest using a sunscreen which has SPF above 20 and below 40. For regular use, it can prevent your skin from direct sunburn or tan.

It would help if you used sunscreen 15 minutes before you go out and reapply once every two hours.

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