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Latest and Trending Mehndi Designs of 2020

Are you looking for most trending mehndi designs of 2020 for upcoming wedding and festive season. I have curated a list of most popular mehndi designs of 2020 that are trending on social media nowadays.

Latest and Trending Mehndi Designs of 2020

Look at the stunning leafy grid mehndi design. You just cannot stop yourself to adore this pretty bride with this unique Heena on her hands. 

trending mehndi designs of 2020

Modern but with a traditional touch eye catching pair of a swan and on the other hand the beautiful lotus mehndi design.

2 Mehndi design

Most unique mehndi design for a modern bride and bridesmaids. Hanging bells with beautifully placed flowers can definitely be your style statements

3 mehndi design

This full backhand bridal mehndi with lotus flowers can win anyone’s heart. You just cannot ignore the detailing of the intricating grid.

4 Mehndi design

A modern and attractive mandala mehndi design for backhands is enough to grab all your attention.

Latest mehndi designs

An adorable and easy indo arabic floral mehndi design. If full hands mehndi is not your cup of tea, this one’s for you. 

6 mehndi design

Are you in love with minimalistic mehndi design? Look what we got for you the most trending minimalistic mehndi design in 2020. The single mandala pattern on the backhand is so attractive you just cannot stop looking at it.

7 mehndi design

Ravishing full hand bridal mehndi with detailed intricate patterned lines. The mandala patterned backhand separated by little lotus flowers is so attractive.

trending mehndi designs

The simple and unique arabic mehndi design for backhand is just perfect for any festival.  

9 Mehndi design

How do you find this floral mehndi design in half moon shape? Simple to apply but so eye catching. 

10 Mehndi deisgn

You just cannot skip this beautiful peacock mehndi design along with beautifully created elephants.  

11 mehndi design

Gorgeous paisley patterned arabic mehndi design for front hand. You got to praise your mehndi artist for this beautiful detailing. 

12 mehndi design

An intricate grid mehndi design with small floral motifs in arabic pattern. Enough to give you a festive vibe. 

13 mehndi design

Unique one-sided paisley design for front hand. The beautiful minimalistic chain with a floral motif is making it so different. 

14 mehndi design

Creative and modern paisley mehndi design perfect for the new age brides. The jaali patterned finger mehndi is setting a new goal for your mehndi artist. One of the most trending mehndi designs of 2020.

new mehndi designs of 2020

Stunning full hand bridal mehndi with chequered paisley. Filled with small but beautiful circles and leaves on fingers. 

16 Mehndi design

This full hand mehndi design is so beautiful that you cannot stop to stare. Big sized rose-patterned mehndi along with modern mandala design. 

17 Mehndi deisgn

Beautiful jaali patterned mehndi for backhands. Beautifully filled all the jaali designs with motifs. Just perfect for millennial brides.

18 Mehndi design

Eye Catching half-half mehndi pattern. Look at the lotus detailing anyone can admire this unique pattern mehndi on your hand. 

19 Mehndi design

The raja rani patterned bridal mehndi design will leave you amazed. The other hand is showing the sindoor ritual of an Indian wedding. 

20 Mehndi design

Swoonworthy peacock mehndi design flaunting by the most beautiful real bride. The design and the pose both are enough to melt your heart. 

21 Mehndi design

Are you looking for something really different and adorable? This Krishna pattern mehndi is what you can get on your hands. Your Mom is going to love this. New goal for trending mehndi designs of 2020.

22 Mehndi design

Beautiful large chequered mehndi design with stunning small motifs. Bangle shaped floral lace adding some more glory to this design.

23 Mehndi design

Simple and elegant arabic mehndi design created in a modern mandala pattern. Enough to influence all girls out there. 

24 Mehndi design

Do you want something unique? Try this out, a big round sun beautifully created with matching finger mehndi design. 

25 mehndi design

Another royal mandala pattern you just cannot get over it. Creatively hidden peacock design in little paisley. You will get something new every time you look at this unique mehndi design. 

26 Mehndi design

This can be a dream bridal mehndi for any bride. Palki and baraat mehndi designs are there to grab all your attention.

27 Mehndi design

Just fall in love with this charming groom that is created so beautifully as dulha mehndi design. What else a bride can ask for. 

28 Mehndi design

Bewitching full hand bridal mehndi design is ready to leave people amazed. Floral paisley and little motifs can win your heart undoubtedly.

29 mehndi design

Isn’t she gorgeous and so her mehndi design is. One of the best examples of husband name bridal mehndi designs. 

30 mehndi design

What a stunning bridal mehndi goal she is setting up. Full hand floral and intricate mehndi design for new-age brides.

31 Mehndi deisgn

Mix and match mehndi created with jaali pattern. Most beautiful floral motifs in wide jaali pattern mehndi. 

32 mehndi design

Creative bridal mehndi design is ready to get all the attention. Floral mehndi design with leaves. 

33 mehndi design

Simple yet elegant chequered mehndi designs with small leafy motifs. 

34 mehndi design

A most beautiful bride and groom sketch mehndi design for brides. No one can stop admiring your loved ones sketch on your hands. 

35 Mehndi design

Stunning full hand bridal mehndi design. The beautiful small floral paisleys created with chequered lines. 

36 mehndi design

Half chequered arabic mehndi design. Added with chains of tiny beads. It can be the best mehndi design if you are looking for a simple and attractive pattern.

37 mehndi design

The attractive floral motif for backhand. This one pattern design is one of the most trending mehndi designs of 2020. 

38 mehndi design

Admire the beauty of this minimalistic mandala mehndi design for backhand. 

39 mehndi design

Another minimalistic mehndi design is ready to grab your attention. 


Floral mehndi design with a name. A perfect bridal mehndi design you can ask from your mehndi artist. 


Lotus mehndi design for full backhand. I loved the cute little tiny parrots created on a leafy branch. 

42 mehndi design

A full rose mehndi design for front hand created with beautiful peacock tails. It can be an ideal design if you love full hand mehndi design. 

43 mehndi deisgn

Stunning and beautiful full hand mehndi design for both of your hands. This is created in an indo arabic mehndi pattern. You will just love this. 


Most beautiful floral mehndi design you can have on your hands. Creativity at its best when you see such a design.

45 mehndi design

Full hand modern mandala mehndi design for your wedding day. The floral vine created on the wrist can attract you the most.

45 mehndi

Simple and easy Arabic mehndi design for your backhand. You must try it once. 

46 mehndi deisgn

Only floral motifs linked with a chain of beads. This unique mehndi design will make your own style statement. 

47 mehndi design

Creative mehndi design for backhand a floral motif added with tiny rose flowers.

48 mehndi design

If you love the dark and uncommon mehndi design. This one’s for you. 

50 mehndi design

Amazing peacock tails you just can’t stop admiring this peacock mehndi design.

51 mehndi

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