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Top 10 Face Masks Ruling the Fashion Industry in 2020

Face Mask As a New Fashion Accessory in 2020

“Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu. —Kenzo Takada”

The year 2020 brought something that the humankind never expected. Every part of our lifestyle has been affected by this epidemic. Fashion industry always gets inspired by what is going on in the world. In 2020 face masks are in lime light in the world of fashion. 

We all know that face masks have become an essential part of our day to day life. We have accepted it as a new fashion accessory for our bucket of accessories. 

When it comes to fashion & style, the industry is always so experimental. Many famous designers are coming up with creative ideas for making face masks more adaptable as an accessory. 

I have curated a list of face masks designs which are trending on Instagram & other social platforms. If you are looking for a quirky & trendy face mask for you or anyone you love, You must check out these. 

Unique & Trendy Face Masks Designs 

A Smiling Front-line Warrior

Smiling face mask

The whole world is thankful for the dedication of our front-line warriors. This funny and smiling face mask shows the courage of our real-life heroes. This mask indicates that no problem can take away our grin from us. We will fight together to win and always keep smiling.

Indian Bridal Face Mask

indian bridal face mask 1

Look at this stunning face mask matching up with bridal wear. An Indian bride is on her way to flaunt her fabulous bridal looks. This mask is designed with the same fabric and material used for the complete bridal attire.

Face Mask with Lace for a Christian Bride

Face mask for christian bride

This beautiful white mask with lace is an excellent combination of style & elegance. This face mask will be the right choice for your bridal gown. An Irish bridal shop is making these masks for matching the bridal gowns.

Stylish Floral Face Masks

Floral Mask 2

“Girls Never Stop Playing Dress Up”  This eye-catching floral face mask is enough to prove it. A face mask stitched with multicoloured flowers for the unique look.

Quirky Face Mask for Kids

kids face mask new 1

Are you looking for a cute face mask for you super cute one? Look at this soft and fluffy bear mask for kids. There are plenty of options available for kids like these.

Personalised Face Mask

personolised face mask

Personalised face masks are in trend. I can’t stop admiring this customised couple mask they wore at their wedding. These kind of masks are easy to make and certainly makes you different.

Unique Couple Face Mask

couple face mask 1

“Simple but beautiful” couples are customising their masks for the wedding day. This couple is showing a great example of it. White colour masks matching with the wedding outfits for bride & groom.

Easy DIY Face Mask

DIY face mask 1

Using your old silk or cotton scarf as a face mask can be a great idea. These face masks are easy to make. You can make these using your old scarf and two simple rubber bands.

Face Mask with Funny Quotes

face mask with quotes

Face masks with quotes are trending on social media. People love this kind of masks with funny & inspirational quotes. There are many online & offline stores from where you can buy these.  You can choose your favourite quote to customise your face mask the way you want.

Showing Your Own Smile

Face mask with smile

I am in love with this one personally. What can be better than showing your smile even if wearing a mask? You can customise such transparent face mask from any online store. 

Best Online Stores in India for Buying a Face Mask


So these are some cool face masks which are in trend in 2020. Let us know if you could find something interesting by commenting below.

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