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6 Best DIY Face Scrubs for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Exfoliating your face is a very important step in your skincare routine. The significant benefit of using homemade and DIY face scrub is, It doesn’t harm your skin or I can say DIY face scrubs are easy to make and mostly free from side effects. 

Here I made a list of 6 best DIY face scrubs for healthy and glowing skin. These face scrubs are very easy to make at home with less number of ingredients. You can use any one of them to get healthy, moisturized, and glowing skin at home. Let’s check out.

Best DIY Face Scrubs for All Types of Skin

Lemon Honey and Sugar Face Scrub

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  • Add one tablespoon of honey to two tablespoons of sugar. 
  • Add the juice of a half lemon to it and mix it well
  • Apply it to your face evenly and give a gentle massage in a circular motion
  • Rinse it with normal water after 5 minutes. 

Tomato and Sugar and Honey Face Scrub

Tomato and Sugar and Honey Face Scrub
  • Mix a tablespoon of honey and sugar into a bawl
  • Take a freshly cut tomato slice
  • Dip that slice into the paste and use that on your face as a scrubber
  • Make sure you do not give harsh rubs to your skin. 
  • Apply it properly and wash it off after 5 minutes 

Honey and Cinnamon Face Scrub

Honey and Cinnamon Face Scrub
  • You would need three tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of freshly grounded cinnamon
  • Make a smooth paste using both and apply an even layer on your face
  • Give a gentle massage using your fingers and rinse it after 8-10 minutes 
  • This face scrub is best for acne-prone skin  

Coffee, Honey and Yogurt/milk Face Scrub

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  • Mix two tablespoons of freshly grounded coffee powder and two tablespoons of yogurt/milk
  • Add one tablespoon honey to it and make a nice paste
  • Apply it to your face and massage it in circular motions for 5-7 minutes 
  • Wipe off with cotton balls or rinse it thoroughly 

Olive oil, almond oil and Sugar Face Scrub

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  • Add one tablespoon olive oil to one tablespoon almond oil
  • Mix it with sugar and it is ready to apply on your face, elbow, and knees 
  • It helps to brighten the dark skin by removing dead skin cells 
  • This DIY face scrub gives you a natural glow and gives nourishment to the skin

Oats and Water/ Milk Face Scrub

Oats and Water/ Milk Face Scrub
  • Add two tablespoons plain oats and mix it with water or milk
  • Make a paste of it and apply this DIY face scrub to your face evenly
  • Give a gentle massage for five to seven minutes 
  • Wash it off using normal water

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Get a clear, healthy and glowing skin with these DIY face scrubs. Please let me know about more DIY face scrubs you make at home by commenting below.

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